Classes for advanced students

take place 4x per week: MonTueWed 18.00-19.30 and Thu 17.45-19.15
Venue for all classes: Amida Center, Neubaugasse 12−14/2/mez/14, 1070 Vienna


Class for beginners

Each month we offer the opportunity for you to come and watch: You will get an idea of what and how we train, and we will be able to answer all of your questions.

The next 'open house' Evening Sessions: 2.-4.9.2019, 7.-9.10.2019, 4.-6.11.2019, 2.-4.12.2019, 13.-15.1.2020, 3.-5.2.2020
Let us know beforehand:
Class for beginners:
5 Weeks (= 10 to 15 classes), Tuition:  €140,-
Requirements for signing up are:
  • One 'open house'-Visit and
  • the willingness to show up for class at least 2x per week .
For each of the evening classes one of the instructors is assigned to lead the beginners' training.
This allows you to choose your training days freely and more flexible!
You are free lancing, have irregular work hours and difficulties to attend evening classes?
Talk to us!We can arrange classes at more convenient times.

Upcoming training possibilities for experienced practitioners and instructors

Sat, 7 September 2019 Budapest Contact:
Fri, 4 − Sun, 6 October 2019 Berlin Contact:
Thu, 31 October − Sun, 3 November 2019 Vienna Contact:
Sat, 7 December 2019 Budapest Contact:
Sat/Sun, 8/9 Feb 2020 (Joe Harte) Vienna Contact:
Sat/Sun, 7/8 March 2020 Budapest Contact:
Sun, 19 − Sat, 25 April 2020 Alsópetény Contact:
Sat, 30 May Mo, 1 June 2020 Munich Contact:
Sat, 24 Mo, 26 October 2020 Vienna Contact:
Sun, 11 Sat, 17 April 2021 Reichenau Contact: