Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed by the federal government with regard to Covid-19, the Taiji school has to temporarily close its doors again. Concentration paired with gentle movements in the fresh air promotes health. We are trying to resume operations as soon as possible.
Until then, stay healthy and active!


Many people begin with a practice like Yoga, Taiji, Qigong, Zen or something similar – often without being fully aware of what it actually is that they are searching for.

Most of them give up soon after they begin, or sometimes after several years of enthusiastic practice. However, just then, or particularly at these points in the course of a practice where you have to overcome countless obstacles – that’s exactly where the part of learning takes place which is far more important than studying elegant moves: you are encountering yourself.

You don’t meet the challenge of a spiritual path in exotic garments, strict diets, names that are difficult to pronounce or distant monasteries. You will find it right in front of you – or better: inside you. Not only is Taiji a complex and fascinating martial art and a method of acquiring and sustaining health. It also has the potential to become a practice which will lead you softly but persistently deeper and deeper inside.

I offer my regular classes to anyone who is willing to commit herself to such an experience.