Class for beginners

For those interested in an introduction to our meditation practice: Meditation and Q&A with Patrick Kelly

On our blog you will find information regarding latest news, dates, training schedules and seminars etc.

Each month we offer the opportunity for you to come and watch; you will get an idea of what and how we train, and we will be able to answer all of your questions. 

The next 'open house' sessions:
Wed, 27.10. 18.00 Bennogasse 
Wed, 3.11. 20.00 Neubaugasse
Thu, 4.11. 18.00 Neubaugasse
Thu, 11.11. 18.00 Neubaugasse

90min each
Location: Stadtpark or Schönbrunn
free of charge, with registration:

Class for beginners:
5 Weeks (= 10 to 15 classes), from Mo, Sept 6th 2021 / Mo, Oct 11th 2021
Tuition: €150,-

Requirements for signing up are:
  • One 'open house' visit, and
  • willingness to show up for class at least 2x per week.
For each of the classes one of the instructors is assigned to lead the beginners' training. This allows you more flexibility in choosing your training days.
We do not offer online courses for beginners. 

Classes for advanced students

will take place in the mornings outdoors in Stadtpark! 
Our indoor locations for the evening classes are:
a) Neubaugasse 7, 1070 Wien Stiege III Mezzanin, Top 2
b) Bennogasse 8A/1B 1080 Wien  
9x per week:
We will offer a new training schedule from September 2021:
Mon/Thu 7.00−8.30 Tue/Wed 9.30−11.00 and Sat 11−12.30
Mon/Thu 18.00−19.30 Tue 19.30−21.00 and Wed 20.00−21.30  
Period of 6 months: €550,- or per month: €115,-

Upcoming training opportunities for experienced practitioners and instructors

Mon, 25 − Thu, 28 Oct 2021 Vienna Contact:
Fr, 3rd − Sun, 5th Dec 2021 Vienna Contact:
Sat/Sun, 29th/30th Jan 2022 Leuven Contact:
Sat, 12th February 2022 Budapest Contact:
Sat, 5th − Tue, 8th March 2022 Berlin Contact:
Sat/Sun, 21st/22nd May 2022 Stockholm Contact:
Tue, 7 − Sat, 11 June 2022 Wolfgangsee Contact: