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Patrick Kelly
On my teacher’s website you will find links to webpages of friends and colleagues in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Alois Riedler + Network (Upper Austria, Lower Austria)
Madrina Maria Rößler (Vienna)
Jan Engelberger (Vienna)


Fehér László (Budapest)
Mészáros Milán (Szeged)


Axel Dreyer (Freiburg)
Corina Coordt (Munich)
Michael Jagdt (Berlin)
Marc Mazalairas (Berlin)
Michael Plötz (Hamburg)
Rolf Krizian (Waldenburg)
Holger Beer (Gütersloh)


Árpád Romándy (Vienna, Tyrol)
Wolfgang Kernbauer (Vienna)


Taijiquan & Qigong Journal - A magazine for all Taijiquan and Qigong practitioners; published quarterly

In the we live cultural diversity and strive for tolerance and peaceful coexistence in our daily taiji practice. Therefore we are pleased to support the initiative "Miteinander hat Kultur".


Gnostic Press: publishing company where the works of Abdullah Dougan (1918-1987) are available

Rhythmic Pedagogy

Gunnar Scharmüller and Michaela Kapellner

Outdoor coaching

Stefan Lirsch


What all these artist have in common: a profound practice of Taiji for many years!
Christine Madies
Şenol Tatlı (Switzerland)
Christian Janssen from Four in Tune (Germany)
Ali Janka from Gelitin (Austria)
Niko Leopold (Austria)
Pascal Gingras (Kanada)
Stephanie Gerhardt (Germany)
Luke Shepherd (UK)
Mia Park (USA)